Monthly Archives: October 2013

poetry snippet

City sweats uncontrollably

Writhes with guilt’s memory past

Memory that flares up unseen to its hosts –

Ghosts gently caress

Choking, choked.


Blistering haze forms mirage

Deceptive nature, masking what cannot be seen.

Green recedes, retreats, repeats –

Still lies the heart

Beneath the sheet… waits, rots.


Fire, flame, sun-coloured fragments

Wither, decay, ground to oblivion.

What purpose they serve.

Putrid soup feeds stomach

Guilt, gluttony


Silhouettes appear, unnatural in form

Unregimented lines, twisted, bent, eager to spread

Reaching up, out, yet –

Static. Constrained roots their existence.

Death as illusion, wicked trick.


Cold sweat follows

Envelopes all things

Penetrates staunch barrier –

Unleashing chill that sinks deep,

Reaches core of all things.


City forces shiver, begin its repentance

Offers hope, new beginnings.

Scents, sights, glorious for a moment –

Memories of past deeds appear.

Perpetual sin.

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