#3 The Wallace Archive (A Research Visit amidst Personal Musings) – a break with blog convention (well this one) as I conduct research at The Harry Ransom Center, Austin, TX


sign of the times…

Day Three:
i spend most of the morning lazing around as it’s so cold outside that the thought of heading out is less than appealing. another round of video chat with my family reassures me that they are doing okay without me, as i realise that my absence puts a whole lot of pressure onto my partner as she is exceptionally busy at the moment with both work and studies. they all look great and like they are getting along just fine. my partner is an amazing person.
my sister suggests that we head downtown to the harry ransom center so that i can get my bearings for the following day – what will be my first day visiting and researching the archive. buffy comes along for the ride and we park the car just off mlk boulevard and brazos, and head on up past the glanton. the ut campus is quiet, it being sunday, and the wind is making the walk bitterly cold and reminiscent of being at home, although it feels colder here than it has been at home for quite some time – so that’s a bummer. we pause for pictures just outside the ransom center and then my sister takes me onto guadalupe to show me ‘the drag.’
on the way headed back to the car we walk by the clock tower, the turtle pond memorial garden, and then round and back down by the side of the glanton to complete what is effectively a circuit of the campus. driving home we stop for groceries for this week’s dishes of shakshuka and tofu in black pepper sauce – both yotam ottolenghi recipes, and for cream of tartar for snickerdoodle cookies. we take a failed detour in an attempt at finding the formula one track that has been built just outside austin, inspired by last night’s movie, but we’ve taken the wrong exit off the freeway and we’re about 15 miles away and to be honest we can’t be bothered so we just go home.
the joseph gordon-levitt film, don jon, was a freebie with last night’s film, so the afternoon is spent watching that. i’d never even heard of it but my sister tells me that he wrote, produced and directed the film. i ask what type of film it is, what is it about? pornography, she says. ok. it’s strange to see him bulked up and playing a more masculine role than usual, and johansson (don’t know if that spelling’s correct – other possible errors now flagged as sp. to save us all some time) is particularly good in her role. the film raises some interesting questions on the dynamics of heterosexual relationships, and on the influence of pornography, and on the dysfunctionality of family life, and on the teachings of the catholic church, and on relationships between heterosexual men, and on the institution of marriage, and on relationships in general… it’s a very good film, and julianne moore’s appearance adds another layer of interest.
buffy and i take an after dinner walk round the block, me dressed in what looks more and more like travis bickel’s (sp.) coat each time i catch a glimpse of myself wearing it. it’s really cold out and the wind is even stronger than it was downtown. we make short work of the walk and head back for a slice of cake and to make a packed lunch for tomorrow’s visit to the archive (cheese pizza, banana, stollen, granola bar, orange, water). shower time, the broom of the system, bed…

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