#7 The Wallace Archive (A Research Visit amidst Personal Musings) – a temporary break with blog convention (well this one) as I conduct research at The Harry Ransom Center, Austin, TX

sign language…

Day Seven:

i’ll keep this one light and short given the length and depth of yesterday’s post. being back at a level of fitness that i’m happy with at the moment, a five-mile run seems in order today. it is pretty nippy, 26 fahrenheit apparently – i work in celcius so have no idea what that converts to, but it’s a minus – and so i take a pair of gloves from my sister to run in. they are white and used for applying body lotions and smell coconutty, and wearing them reminds me of al jolson. i have the redbox dvd of the family in my hand as i’ll pass the gas station where said dvd should be returned at about the 1 and 1/2 mile mark. setting off down a country road towards the harris branch parkway, with a viciously cold wind hitting me head on and focusing particularly on my left ear, which feels like it might just drop off – wish i’d taken the hat my sister offered when she offered the gloves. hit the redbox at 1.72 miles, clocking a slowish speed, but then again the wind was strong all the way.

manage to do the same route i got lost on the other day and did it in a quicker, but not massively so, time. shower, stretch, and work on my funding proposal which is due a couple of days after i return. sorting and sifting through the stuff i’ve seen so far at the archive. the re-reading of the broom of the system is going better than ever. it’s not my favourite text of wallace’s, but after reaching part two again i’m enjoying it far more than on my first read through, where i found it laborious and quite frustrating – most unlike other experiences i’ve had reading wallace’s corpus. finding that i’m getting the wittgenstein references far better than on the first read, due to the fact that i have been hammering away at the tractatus and philosophical investigations in connection with my research into brief interviews with hideous men.

highlight of my day: running past a farmer’s field with a turkey vulture on top of a post, about head height and not that far away from me, whilst listening to @petedoherty (‘s) babyshambles’ east of eden, as said turkey vulture eyeballs me, looking not the least bit worried, but then again, why would it?

see, light and short…

oh, and an important caveat that should have accompanied the first post in this series, but which didn’t, but which does now…

this document charts, informally, matthewsimonalexander’s visit to conduct research on the david foster wallace archive at the harry ransom center, university of texas at austin. it also sketches personal moments captured along the way. all, some, or none of it may be true, whatever that means.

Bonus pic:

the answer is blowin’ in the wind…

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