North West Gender Conference #nwgc14

Using this as a starting point to shift the blog’s focus somewhat, and to merge with it more of my experiences in academia…

My personal favourite out of all the papers today, which were all very good, was Dr Melanie Newbould’s ‘Sport, Cheating, and Bodies.’ An illuminating discussion around females born with testes, and other regular occurrences that help to stretch/test our narrowly gendered minds. A fantastic presentation.

English Postgraduates

A good University of Liverpool PG presence today at Lancaster University made for a very enjoyable North West Gender Conference 2014. The organisers did a great job in making attendees feel welcome, there was even a hot lunch, and next year’s event at University of Manchester cannot come soon enough. Anyone wishing to be kept informed about next year’s event, and other events in the meantime, should register their interest by emailing the NWGC team at

Here are some of the Liverpool PGs present today. Apologies to those we missed.


Tammy, Michela, and Nick


Abrar, Ashwaq, and Matthew (who presented his first ever conference paper)


Charlotte and Kirsty (University of Manchester) – two of today’s conference organisers. Lots of tips gained throughout the day on how to run a successful conference, thanks.

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