#Idontneedfeminism … yeah you do

There is a question I have in mind that has bugged me for some time: What place does solidarity have in feminist discussions/feminism in general?

The piece I have reblogged, in some ways sets about igniting a potential answer, or at least provokes a debate around the issue. I am now a plasticdollheads fan.



A couple of days ago the talented Natasha Devon wrote this piece Be prepared to compromise or ‘feminism’ will be a dirty word once again and I agree wholeheartedly. Feminism has become not only a dirty word but something young women are actively opposing. And who can blame them? You only have to browse through twitter to see the obsessive hate spewed by some of these self confessed ‘feminists’ or rather self-professed ‘Radical Feminists’. In fact Natasha herself has faced such online abuse and harassment she has reported it to the police. Young women in particular are seeing these militants in action and thinking no way am I associating with that.

And every time I start questioning whether I want to identify as a feminist anymore, (see here and F*cking Feminism) I stumble across something like the twitter hashtag #idontneedfeminism and feel such a fire in my belly.

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