Lone Star State (Expansion Pack)

The Thoughts, nay, Feelings of Chip Brewsky Following his Unwitting Exposure to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Lately, Chip had begun to wonder about his dreams and what they meant. Prior to his mishap with the substance commonly known as LSD-25, Chip hadn’t regarded dreams as anything other than just what the body goes through in its ‘rest phase,’ but having experienced feelings, thoughts, perhaps even philosophies of a sort connected with such an experience, Chip set aside more and more time to devote to this area of his life – sitting, thinking, with the old, increasingly tattered copy of the book he bought, or rather that Robyn had kindly bought for him the morning after the night when this kind of expansion ‘stretching-of-the-mind’ had begun.


So, Chip had started to ruminate on whether dreams were in fact just dreams, or something more: a kind of sign, or ripple, or reflection, perhaps a visual shadow or a form of echo; and he knew he was most fortunate to have a friend like Dale, a person who never judged Chip, no matter how out of kilter his ideas might sound, and believe you me, Chip knew exactly how whacko his ideas sounded when he voiced them to Dale, but nevertheless, voice them he did, safe in the knowledge that doing so in front of Dale was the safest place to do so, although Dale struggled with the concepts he was presented with, mostly probably due to the fact that Dale had never wittingly or unwittingly tried any type of chemical likely to alter the brain in the way that LSD-25 had apparently altered Chip’s, unless you could make a case for coffee being such a chemical – Dale drank way more coffee than anyone else he knew.

So anyway, moving on as a starting point, Chip thought it a good idea to try and recapture dreams he remembered from childhood, and there were a good many that still seemed as clear to him now as the day he’d first dreamt them; some were what he started referring to as ‘series’ dreams, where, implausible as it may sound, there was a kind of continuation to the themes and contents of said dreams; an example of which is the dream he remembers having around the age of 10 or 11 years old – now how can he be so exact, you may say, well, Chip had been uprooted around that age and had been so desperately lonely (this was prior to meeting Dale for the first time) as the family home had been moved a good way away to a new location where he knew nobody and there weren’t many kids around and it was summer break so he didn’t even have the opportunity of meeting kids from what was to become his new class at school (where he eventually struck up a friendship with Dale that has lasted to this day).

So, an example of the ‘series’ dream: a huge ocean liner was docked somewhere, all things seemed very much black and white, late 1940s/early 1950s filmish, a bit misty/foggy, atmospheric, as one expects from dreams, and suddenly there’s a woman, still definitely 1940s/1950s ish in the way she’s dressed and has her hair under a hat and all, and as they are walking up the gangplank (Chip’s not exactly sure if that’s the correct reference, but…) they embrace and kiss passionately – now this all takes place in the briefest of moments before something stirs in Chip’s bedroom and what do you know, his mother starts opening the curtains and beckoning him to get out of bed, which both she and Chip’s father had a terrible habit of doing, even when it was, as in this instance, summer break with no real reason for having to get out of bed other than the fact that his ma and pa thought that he should; and I can tell you now that Chip was really pissed at this, trying to dive under the pillow and get back to that encounter, strange though that seems for a boy of his age to be wont to do.

So, the next night he falls asleep thinking of nothing else apart from this woman and that encounter on the docks next to some huge ocean liner, and you know what, he actually does meet the very same woman, in exactly the same spot on the gangplank, kisses and embraces her with extra gusto probably inspired by those feelings of disappointment in the interruption the morning before, they make a pledge to be together forever, you don’t need the full details, he wakes in the morning feeling wholly satisfied by the incident and never forgets that dream, obviously, because that’s pretty much what you’ve just been privy to; and that’s just one of the reasons that Chip has started to devote so much time to the issue – there are others: repetitive dreams connected with illness, frightening dreams, and so on.

So, Chip now wonders if there’s more to it, whether this might be some sort of fragment of something that is not purely made up from whatever things, like chemical functions, happen to be doing going on inside him, and whether there is room to consider it/them as some form of external entity, you know, like something that finds him its way into his mind via the medium of dreams, and something that may in fact speak of a somewhere else, or in fact, multiple somewhere elses that can never, at least a priori, be accessed in our state of consciousness; and then that also leads us into Chip’s thoughts on whether what we consider to be a ‘state-of-consciousness’ can in fact be classed as such, and whether we’d be better off considering our state of ‘unconsciousness’ as a better form of consciousness – but I suppose you’d have to have had experience of something akin to LSD-25 to be able to comprehend consider such a notion, and it is indeed just a notion, Chip does not wish to promulgate this as some sort of theory.


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