Lone Star State (Expansion Pack v.2.0.1 Critical Update)

The Thoughts, nay, Feelings of Chip Brewsky Following his Unwitting Exposure to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

So, to clarify, specifically with respect to the phrase ‘assimilated-propaganda,’ that which was deployed forcefully yet was not backed up with any examples with which to consider whether in fact there is any real teeth bite to that as any sort of argument or notion or something to hang your hat on in a discussion with someone of an opposing view, for how could you know whether said person’s view is opposing or not if you have no real handle on what you’re arguing in the first place.


So here it is, the stuff behind the phrase that is necessary to make an informed decision whether to argue for/against ‘assimilated-propaganda:’ when those crazy kids tell you that they are handing money out left, right and centre, those philanthropists and do-gooders worth billions of things, most likely, well what most people do not know is that there are a ho whole host of tax breaks associated with said ‘giving’ away of money, and in many instances said tax breaks can actually be accessed with no money having left those crazy kids’ bank accounts/offshore accounts/tax havens, and with that in mind, what actually is made to look to the outside world, you now know, general public, la lay people, ordinary folk like you and me, those people who pay their taxes even though they kind of know that there’s a whols whole slavery dialogue to be had around the issue because see what happens to you if you ever happen to stick yout t your hands up and a say “that’s me done for a while, I’m not going to work anymore because it’s interfering with my life/family life/social life/private life,” whatever you wish to insert here, because if you do indeed do that, you will see just how forcefully seamlessly your life is operated mapped out for you by forces way beyond your comprehension, unless of course you pay real close attebntion attention to what goes on in your life, and that rather than being a person ‘free’ to do what they wish to do, you are in fact very much ‘unfree,’ but then again that might not be how it seems so maybe you’re disinclibe disinclined to believe that – but the tax breaks stuff you really should look into, and o perhaps do something about it because in a world where… well, you probably don’t need a lecture on how the world is so let’s leave it there for now.


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