Lone Star State (Expansion Pack v.2.0)

The Thoughts, nay, Feelings of Chip Brewsky Following his Unwitting Exposure to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

So because Chip had begun to think this way, in the way mentioned previously, he kind of started seeing the world very differently, at least in different from how he’d viewed it before, if he had actually indeed ‘viewed’ it before, and that really is a whole ‘nother ball game when we consider that to be to have been part of the team that grew Cinnamon Corp. to its present position as arguably the most powerful/wealthy/influential/throw-your-own-adjective-here-if-you-wish company on the planet means that such a person, responsible in part for such growth, doesn’t really view the world with any real thought/feeling influencing said views, and has very much the old stereotype/cliché about a track of one, in a mental process sense; and you could well respond by naming those old raconteurs of charitable giving and what’s the term, it escapes me for a moment which is rather frustrating because just prior to ‘raconteur’ popping into my mind I had it on the old tongue tip philanthropy, those crazy kids who, having made bucket loads (super-industrial sized buckets) of money, decide that it would be nice to gain more publicity for themselves by telling people how much money they do in fact give away to ‘good’ causes, but if you were to do so, that is respond by naming those old raconteurs and philanthropists of stuff said before in such a way, then you’d be spouting yet another form of ‘assimilated-propaganda,’ where obscenely-wealthy person/people/organisation/government/whatever have you believe that what it/s/he/they is/are doing is just completely bereft of any sort of selfish motive, and if you do indeed think that way, that such persons/organisations/governments do in fact act ‘selflessly,’ than then you are exhibiting signs of ‘assimilated-propaganda,’ having affected you where your very own self has been assimilated in a propaganda-ish sense in your very own self – yes,you!.


So, although that was somewhat of a digression, it kind of paints a picture scene for you and lets you know just how much time Chip is actually spending on this, pretty-well-all-enveloping, issue, the issue of having turned his mind inwards on itself instead of forever reaching outwards to something that is perhaps, on reflection, far less concrete reified; and with spending so much time thinking in this, and other ways, Chip has no time whatsoever for continuing the growth of Cinnamon Corp., but then again that’s not really a problem because Dale, and with the help of trusted others, has a handle on all that, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on that’s set to revolutionise reimagine mess with the concept of monetary systems and notions of capital in a most profound way; we’re talking turning things on their head, and then perhaps ripping that head off (figurative head, not literal, perhaps a dolly or something non too gory), turning it in on itself, perhaps stitching it back on to the body, but maybe at the knee joint, or somewhere else not naturally allied with the head in the first place, and then watching it float, which is just the most ridiculous phrase to combine with the metaphor of the head until you consider the subject the metaphor is linked to – see?

So, dreams, thoughts, memories, imagination, mind stuff in general that the so-called experts do not have any sort of grip on, I mean we have medical professionals who still insist on curing problems connected with the mind by drilling, firing lasers and such, using electroconvulsive therapy stuff, I mean it’s just all so Victorian, don’t you think, obviously without the lasers and all, but to get to the point, which was meant to be got to much quicker but somehow got lost along the way, doesn’t it seem odd that we can see things in our minds, things that are don’t seem to be present before is us at the time we’re seeing said thing(s), whether that be whilst we’re ‘awake’ (‘daydreaming’ – I’m doing it now, thinking of a river somehwe somewhere, whether I’ve been there or not,?) or whilst ‘asleep’ (just dreaming), and don’t those things seem so vivid d sometimes, I mean like so real thatb that when you wake you’re somehow disturbed or affected in quite a profound way for a good while afterwards; and that’s how the dream left Chip feeling, and still does, you know the one with the gangplank and woman and stuff.

So, probably best now to get into another of Chip’s dreams, but there’s a nagging voice in my head that’s asking me if this stuff would come better from Chip himself, you know like first-person narrative situation where you’re spoken to by the actual person who had said dreams and thoughts and stuff and who’d deliver it in real precise deti detail and believability and stuff; or is it ok to carry on with this omniscient voice, where you’ve invested a certain amount of trust in me that I really know what’s going on in Chip’s head, whilst also knowing a whole lot of other stuff as well, I mean, to switch now might just get a little bit messy and awkward because there’s a familiarity now and it would be a shame to spoil that – that seems like I’ve answered that one for you



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