Lone Star State (Expansion Pack v.2.0.2 Critical Update)

The Thoughts, nay, Feelings of Chip Brewsky Following his Unwitting Exposure to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

So, in trying to clear things up before with a general summing up of the term, ‘assimilated-propaganda,’ which hadn’y hadn’t been properly expalined explained, hence the ‘critical update,’ it seems that another term/s used in that summing up hasn’t been explained either, and that’s just kind of annoying from a grener general house-keeping an orderly perspective, and in fact, the term/s used in the ‘critical update’ needn’t have been used at all, potentially saving us from another ‘critical update,’ but it was so we’ve just got to suck it up, so to speak; and of course here we are referring to the use of ‘free’ and ‘unfree,’ a term/s probably viewed in most circles as being a thing/s that are b not really in needing of any sort of explanation as it/they are so widely understood, except for the fact that ‘freedom’ and its opposing force, ‘unfreedom,’ is/are relatively simple sounding words that possess massively complex layers of meaning when used in certain contexts, but it’s probably sufficient to just lay that out and let it bake for a while.


So, the other thing that was overlooked was the ‘o’t’h’e’r’ dream that Chip had had and that was going to be discussed prior to getting oonto something else instead, and that one was connected with his experience of illness/sickness, mainly as a child, but also sometimes as an adult, so again, here it is: on about the third or fourth occasion of having the folllowing dream, Chip began to understand that he’d wake from the dream and exhibit outward signs of sickness, and this was while he was having the dream that he realised this, so is that an example of ‘consciousness’ during a state of ‘unconsciousness,’ or just plain old ‘unconsciousness,’ which of course is difficult to say for sure, but anyway, the dream itself always folo folowed followed the same thematic course – in a graveyard setting, replete with headstones/tombstones, accompanied by mist/fog (what is it with mist and fog in dreams?) and then an over-layering of a grid like structure so that when vo viewed from above, aerially, which said scene always was, it kind of gave the impression of flying over a mapped landscape, with the oddity that the altitude changes would take Chip beneath the grid but also above the grid – anyway, he was always physically sick when he woke from such a dream.

So, is it possible that a dream like that could indicate another time/place when/where things weren’t going too well (conveyed through these echoes, visual shadows/ripples/reflections), or could it have some sort of relevance to a death experienced prior to, or post of one’s present state of living, or is that just ridiculous, and if that is ridiculous, then why the same dream for that particular way of feeling (physical sickness/nausea), and why the recognition whilst ‘in’ the dream that of the way things will pan out following the dream (physical sickness) – and there are a good many more dreams that we’ll get to in time, these two examples are just the start.


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