Lone Star State (Expansion Pack v.2.0.3)

The Thoughts, nay, Feelings of Chip Brewsky Following his Unwitting Exposure to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

So, what if dreams are indeed a portal/wormhole/sciency-abstract-noun-thing, a kind of internal and external experience at the same time, in a paradoxy-way, and not just a random series of a things the brain conjures up during the so-called REM phase, and considering how short the REM cycle is supposed to last, how do dreams manage to pack in so much detail, depth, and profundity into such a small amount of time, and can dreams be thought of in the sam same context as imagination (daydreams), because if they can, which Chip is a notion that with which Chip would concur, then there must be some sort of cross-correlation between the state of ‘consciousness’ and ‘unconsciousness,’ where the two are not so separate and distinct after all, which is kind of a nice thought because it gives a person a little more agency whrn when considering those moments of ‘unconsciousness’ – like sleep, comas, and things like that.


So, with that fr firmly positioned, what of the other factor raised in that previous paragraph, like the whole notion/theory of ‘time’ – another one of those things that we all think we know what it is, but that when a person actually stops and thinks about it in some depth there becomes a it opens up the possibility for of some very disturbing possibilities for thought, if that makes any sense whatsoever, which thinking about it it may not, because we’re in a phase where time is supposed to be this linear, relaible reliable constant that has been tamed sufficiently that we can walk around with it (time) on our wrists, or even hang it (time) from our walls, but that if we consider what those creators of crazy-fiction (scientists, mostly of a theoretical leaning) come up with every few years (string theory, big-bang theory, multiverse theory, universe-shaped-like-an-out-of-shape-football-theory (and are they talking American football or the sort of football that everyone else recognises as a football?), and so on…) then how can we possibly ever consider time to be linear, straightforward, and simple, – pretty much, we can’t – and if it’s the case that time has to be problematised in a most serious and fundamental way, then could we consider time as acting/behaving/whatever-it-is-that-time-is-doing in a way that is not so constant, depending on whethetr whether we are in fact in a state of ‘consciousness,’ or ‘unconsciousness?’


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