Lone Star State (Expansion Pack v.2.0.4)

The Thoughts, nay, Feelings of Chip Brewsky Following his Unwitting Exposure to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

So, here’s a dream from Chip’s distant past, again one that he’d date at as happening for the first time at around the age of 11 or 12 years old, and one that he had classes as a series dream because of the fact that it occurred on more than two occasions, he’d have it down as five or six times but I suppose these things are difficult to pinpoint with nay any real accuracy, and given that the but anyway, on with the dream, which is more than a touchy subject for Chip, oddly, due in no small part to the subject matter involved in the dream, as it were, really a kind of strange dream for a kid to be having at nay any age, let alone a kid not even in his teenage years and way too young, one would imagine, to even be thinking of such things, but obviously, that’s not the case or we wouldn’t even be here right now almost, in fact, discussing said dream.


So, the dream, the weird touchy one: Chip is air borne, floating ‘kite-like,’ is how he’d describe it, a kind of rhythmic dance, at very slow speed, looking down on the happenings below; and the happenings below are the events of ‘grown-up’ Chip’s funeral, Chip at whatever age he’d hae have to be to have a grown woman, dressed in black, with a veil over her face, he can still in fact picture that woman today in extraordinarily fine detail, and children grieving by the side of the woman, Chip’s children of course, and around them are a number of family mebers members, none of whom are/were actually representative of Chip’s actual family, and other people walk towards the grave until the whole scene hole within which Chip’s coffin has been lowered, is surrounded on all sides, and there’s a stillness to the scene, there’s grief, obviously, but it’s not mawkish grief (recently, this has become Chip’s fasvourite favourite word: mawkish), and the light is an odd colour of daylight, it’s light but also dim somehow, not quite dusk-ish in tone but certainly not ordinary run-of-the-mill daylight, and Chip, while all this is going on, is not even the least bit sad, or anything you’d expect to feel whilst viewing your own funeral taking place, there’s even an odd feeling of being content, yes, content, that about sums up the feeling Chip remembers from all those years ago, and Chip, having never married met anyone he’d like to spend the rest of his life with, apart from Dale of course, but that’s a real friendship with no other feelings other than pure love, often wonders whether he’ll ever meet the woman he remembers so clearly.

So Chip’s concern with this dream, post LSD-25 and all, is whether the dream can be said to have any premonition qualities about it (is she the woman of his dreams – the woman he will eventually meet and be with), or is the dream an echo, ripple, thing from another lived experience (multiverse stuff again), or is it just what brains do when people are asleep; but that being said, why would a boy of his age have a dream, on more than a several occasions, about such a subject matter, and before we get into the realm of pop-psychology, no, Chip was never abused, he had what he considers to be a relatively ‘normal,’ mostly uneventful upbringing, with no major trauma, skeletons-in-the-closet or anything, so what’s up with that?


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