Lone Star State (Expansion Pack Lite Bonus Limited Edition V.I.P. Access Upgrade)

The Makings of Mia Pleasure, nee Mia Brigshaw, nee (nee?) Karen Brigshaw…

Mr. Brigshaw keeps his head down as he leaves the house these days. He’s been given instructions on where the bus will collect him. The location changes from day to day, and it’s only decided upon the night before by whomever it is who does the deciding. Mr. Brigshaw prefers to get to these locations on his push-iron – it’s far easier to make a quick dash for it when you’re on two wheels rather than on Shanks’ pony. Being on his bike allows him to carry a substantial chain, for locking the bike up, but also a handy tool if needed for other uses.


There’s little camaraderie on the bus these days. Heads down whilst boarding, pick a seat, no matter where really, reach into whatever pocket has the ciggies (if there’s enough money for those) or tobacco, light the thing, and suck back until you arrive at your destination. Then the fun begins. First, there’s the noise – this is a good indicator of what follows next. Then there’re the objects that strike the meshed window-protectors, sometimes just bouncing off and away, sometimes getting stuck in the mesh, sometimes, if they’re small enough, say a small stone, iron nut, or the like, they’ll hit the window itself. Then comes the rocking motion of the bus as hands push against the flat, metal panels, more in the spirit of ‘making a point’ than in actually achieving something spectacular like pushing the bus over and onto its side – they’ve never even come close, so far. Then there’s the pneumatic sound that signals the bus has come to its temporary resting place. Funny word, pneumatic, thinks Mr. Brigshaw. He remembers looking it up for some assignment at school, a long time ago now, and finding what he wanted, but at the same time learning that in another sense it was meant to have something to do with women’s bodies – he never could work that one out, that one such meaning/definition gave reliable information relating to what he knew of the word, that is air/air pressure related, but that the other definition was supposed to mean having a well-proportioned feminine figure; especially (and he remembers the ‘especially’ bit very well) having a full bust. Do these people just make this stuff up?

Mr. Brigshaw’s train of thought is broken as the day’s first glob of orally propelled phlegm hits the side of his head…


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