Lone Star State (Sequester //noun/ /obsolete//: separation, isolation)

When Loneliness Comes to be Viewed as Somewhat of a Relief…

Robyn, having endured the festering propaganda of all things related to the domestic/domesticity whilst at middle-school, which at the time felt like a barrage delivered with the sole aim of infesting Robyn’s sensibilities with the pernicious views of those wishing to ‘straighten’ Robyn out, and that also seemed to represent/be the bedrock of American society, if there is such a thing, or at least that’s how things appeared to Robyn whilst at middle-school because there were no other voices to be heard, no voices of dissent whatsoever, – teachers with their condescending looks and opinions on how Robyn ‘should be’ and ‘act,’ and the kids, the dirty, smelly, ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ with their wicked, wicked ways, and their wicked, wicked tongues laden with insults and slurs that belie their parents’ preference for more mature forms of wickedness – had at first feared the prospect of attending high school with the jocks and the cheerleaders, the cool kids and the dorks, the mini-groups which form through shared experience and/or interests, and had really feared the thought of being exposed to a wider circle of ‘acquaintances’ and those people who generally enjoy making your life miserable just so that they can feel something akin to satisfaction, and so it had been a great surprise to Robyn when high school brought about a certain kind of anonymity, the ability to get through the day without incident or conflict, Robyn always being mindful not to stand out for standing-out’s sake of course, an anonymity that can best be described as, and Robyn views the following word with only positive connotations, loneliness.


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