Lone Star State (Abstemious //adjective//: indulging only very moderately in something, especially food and drink)

When Loneliness Comes to be Viewed as Somewhat of a Relief…

Robyn’s relationship with food has become problematic as Robyn devotes more and more time to thinking about food. The almost all-meat diet that Robyn had endured for over a decade during childhood, where children are pretty much at the mercy of their parents’ preferences w/r/t dietary choices, has left some issues. The smell of meat leaves Robyn feeling nauseated, whether cooked or no. The sight of meat, basically just the flesh of another animal, particularly red meat, makes Robyn think of human flesh. The implements used by Robyn’s parents in the preparation of said meat(s) are considered by Robyn to be tainted (even after a thorough washing). The practice of sitting around a dining table with one’s parents as they rip/tear/chew flesh of all manner of origin, whilst Robyn tries to swallow food of non-meat origin amidst the sounds and smells which invariably accompany such ripping/tearing/chewing, is off-putting to say the least.


So when Robyn’s father accuses Robyn of developing a somewhat abstemious approach to food, where eating food is concerned, Robyn is left feeling a tad frustrated at the lack of understanding shown w/r/t Robyn’s choices, and Robyn’s parents’ acceptance of (or lack of acceptance of) those choices. And when Robyn’s mother chooses to side with Robyn’s father, which in Robyn’s mind is clearly just another cowardly attempt to ‘convince’ Robyn that a vegan lifestyle is an ‘un-American’ lifestyle (Robyn really doesn’t get the gist of this particular argument), the chasm that has begun to separate Robyn from Robyn’s parents, of late, widens ever farther.

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