Lone Star State (Ennui// as in, ‘Succumbs to Ennui’//)

When Loneliness Comes to be Viewed as Somewhat of a Relief…

Sitting in a classroom somewhere near the front because although sitting at the back is better when you don’t feel like doing anything Robyn is not the kind of kid to be allowed to sit near the back by the other kids sitting there, which is unfortunate because since starting high school, and undergoing all the problems brought about by Robyn’s paruresis, Robyn, more often than not, and this is a phrase that Robyn likes to say over and over, ‘succumbs to ennui.’ Succumbing to anything is a bad thing as far as Robyn’s high school teacher(s) is/are concerned, but succumbing to ennui, when said teacher(s) tend to think of their teaching materials as being pretty much the greatest thing since T.V., marks a person as being on a head-on collision course with said teacher(s).


So, on the day when Robyn is succumbing to ennui way more than Robyn usually succumbs, and on the day that the high school teacher decides to reiterate the ‘importance of reading’ and of being ‘well read,’ something the teacher has not shut up about for over a month now, it seems to Robyn, Robyn reacts from deep within the ennui aforementioned by scratching directly onto the table-top in front of Robyn with a black magic marker that’s almost out of magic marking ink, hence the scratching:

Hitler Was Well Read!!!

Later on, as Robyn sits in front of the Principal, Robyn explains to the Principal that Hitler, like many a sociopath before and/or after, was in fact literate, well read, knowledgeable of the ‘Classics,’ and that knowledge of such facts generally doesn’t do much for the current obsession in the present education system with the need for kids to be ‘well read.’

The Principal seems mortally offended following Robyn’s exchange. Robyn cannot figure out whether it is the ‘Hitler factoid’ that is the cause of such mortal offence, or not.

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