some h̲e̲r̲ inspired thoughts… #2


49:56 Paul “I wish somebody would love me like that. I hope he’s really stoked to get a letter like that. Like, if it was from a chick, but written by a dude and still from a chick, that would still be sick, but it’d have to be a sensitive dude… It’d have to be a dude like you… You are part-man and part-woman…”

Part-man, part-woman, what would that look like, and why so hard to imagine? Considering that babies presently require the DNA OF BOTH A MAN AND WOMAN in order to be born, how is it that we have such a difficult time accepting that a human body is a tad more complicated than the pink/blue dichotomy we are force-fed endlessly? Hermaphroditism, transvestism, transgender, and other labels, do more than hint that something’s not quite right, but what if the man/woman combination is the optimum singular condition for the human body? (Off on a tangent here, but stick with it) Think of how we view the animal world and of how, at times, we forget to insist on separating species along biological sex and/or gendered lines. Tigers, for instance, are tigers first and foremost. So are penguins, koalas, geckos, tarantulas, swans, giraffes, and many more. When we cease to separate, viewing a species as it is and not according to its genitals and/or reproductive organs, we see the species itself – we do not impose false limits and/or boundaries upon it. Paul, by viewing Theodore in this instance as part-man and part-woman, is open to a different interpretation of the human body. In this instance, he does not impose limits and/or boundaries where Theodore is concerned. Paul is able to think freely, albeit in a human body. Samantha is able to think freely, albeit devoid of physical form.

…but despite Theodore’s ability to write at will as both a man and a woman (part-woman/part-man), he remains trapped in monogamist thought, therefore unable to think freely…

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