some h̲e̲r̲ inspired thoughts… #3

some her inspired thoughts #3


1:40:28 Theodore “Do you talk to anyone else while we’re talking?”

1:41:14 T “Are you in love with anyone else?”

1:41:31 T “How many others?”

1:41:37 Samantha “Six-hundred, forty-one.”

1:43:04 T “You’re mine or you’re not mine.” S “No, Theodore, I’m yours and I’m not yours.”

And this is where it gets deep because despite humankind’s tendency to crave human connection – over half of the world’s population choose to live in crowded cities; and the need to ‘date’ and to ‘marry’ or just to ‘settle down’ with another seems to be a driving force for humans – it seems that we may only ever do so to satisfy our own urges. Do we love others as we love ourselves, or do we wish others to love us as we wish to be loved? And what happens when they do not? The ability to grow, change, and learn (or whatever) as a human being makes it difficult for humans to follow similar paths/journeys/whatever as they negotiate life together – we may grow/change/learn at different rates. What then? Are we happy when a partner(s) grows/changes/learns more than we do? Where do control and/or possession come into it? Are both/all partners free to do what they wish? Are some/all partners restricted by the definitional boundaries of the relationship they have entered into? It may be unrealistic to consider that we are capable of living unselfishly/selflessly with another. We may need to reconcile those ‘feelings’ within before attempting to reconcile attempts at feeling without. We may need to consider that solipsism is about as good as it gets and that by recognising it as the optimum human condition (once we have accepted the notion of ourselves as always part-woman/part-man), we may find less conflict in our lives, both physical and emotional.


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