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What if time weren’t actually time? It probably isn’t because a day doesn’t really last 24 hours and a year doesn’t really last for 365 and a quarter days and there’s no saying that time actually exists as an entity, even if that is hard to believe. On a, kind of, unrelated matter. What if, given that the universe is speeding up in all directions according to those in the know, and given that that information messes with the whole Big Bang theory stuff because it should really be slowing down in all directions, well what if the universe operates on a system that’s not all that different from osmosis, the thing that drags liquids into and through plant cells, with the things inside our universe rushing to reach the next cell type structured universe?


What if that were the case?


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Will this year’s biopic of NWA, Straight Outta Compton, be the moment when Ice Cube gets to realise the dream conveyed in Public Enemy’s Burn Hollywood Burn? The dream, as I interpret it, is where PE, ft. Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube (it’s actually Big Daddy Kane’s line though), express the wish/desire/need to “make our own movies like Spike Lee / Cause the roles being offered don’t strike me /”


The reason I ask is that as a sixteen (or so) year old listening to NWA’s debut album of the same name and being blown away by it and the hype surrounding a group that seemed to have the force to move popular culture a step further away from complacency, I now struggle to understand what happened to the Ice Cube from those heady days. The reason I struggle is that I have since seen such films as Are We There Yet?, an Ice Cube vehicle of Hollywood’s making.

Of course I must await the film’s general release, but I can’t help feeling that it will be a pointless exercise because of the position Ice Cube has carved out for himself, in Hollywood, in the years following his exit from the group – maybe I just expected more than to see him in roles like the Jump Street franchise. Is it me, or is Chuck D the only true standout figure from those days, someone who has stuck to his principles, regardless of whether you agree with them, and who has refused to become a Hollywood puppet like so many others who aspire to fame and celebrity, and if so, where is the independent film charting their rise? I’d rather watch that.

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