#corporeal #heresy #mysticism @rustyrockets- another collection of personal musings whilst conducting research of the #davidfosterwallace archive at the Harry Ransom Center, UT, Austin, TX (Day Three)

Quick thought: whilst reading DFW’s annotated copy of Morris Berman’s Coming to our Senses, rich as it is in discussions around mysticism, five/seven body thinking, and access to ‘higher levels’ of consciousness, I am mindful of my recent blog series, as yet unfinished, on Russell Brand’s Revolution. As it happens, my sister, not a Brand fan, and I are going to pop along to the Paramount Theater in Austin tomorrow night with the aim of acquiring cheap seats ($10 a piece) to see @rustyrockets as his film, Brand: A Second Coming, premieres at SXSW.


The same discussions that are present in Berman’s book abound in Brand’s also, but it is the belief of Berman’s with respect to such discussions that is most interesting and/or chilling, depending on your viewpoint, as he discusses the ‘neutrality’ that exists around this area that can lead to effects that are ‘irreversible’ if enough people happen to go through the process/experience of working towards an ‘ascending consciousness’ at the same time. The talk of neutrality here is connected to the fact that access to such thinking can be used for good AND evil, and the two examples Berman leads with are that of Hitler and Ghandi. With a further clarification that such changes in consciousness can, and do, happen with surprising speed, it is interesting to ponder the call to consciousness that we see in Revolution, for who will the call be answered by: another Hitler, or another Ghandi?

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