#Running #Austin – another collection of personal musings whilst conducting research of the #davidfosterwallace archive at the Harry Ransom Center, UT, Austin, TX (Day Six Entry Two)


Having completed my third run in five days, totalling around seventeen miles, I feel compelled to mention the politeness of drivers who pass by as I’m running by the side of the road facing the on-coming traffic. Back home my presence wouldn’t make much of an impact and at times I’d be seen as an inconvenience to the person driving towards me. Here in Austin, cars swing out wide when they are able, making sure they are in no danger of hitting me, and where they cannot do so, because a vehicle is heading towards them from the opposite direction, they slow down, even stopping at times, before passing me in a safe manner. I find this truly remarkable and a testament to the good people who drive around the roads of Austin, TX.


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