#memories firstly, of the way books smell, and secondly, of an email exchange with @rebeccaromney about the way books smell – another collection of personal musings whilst conducting research of the #davidfosterwallace archive at the Harry Ransom Center, UT, Austin, TX (Day Seven Entry Four)

This post stems from the smell of the copy of Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations that is housed at the Harry Ransom Center, as part of David Foster Wallace’s personal library. That smell, particularly of older books, is like having access to a time and/or relative dimension machine; and not that the smell is constant, because, as any book lover will know, smells differ from book to book.


With that in mind, I once emailed @RebeccaRomney to ask her why that was. Apparently, it’s a complex issue and has something to do with the deterioration of the paper, if my memory serves me correctly (the photo image of PI is in the public domain, and not the DFW copy).


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