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At a recent conference at Durham University (50 Years of Sexism: What Next?) Lucy Ann Holmes (@LucyAnnHolmes) gave a great talk on the things that led her to start the No More Page 3 campaign (@NoMorePage3), a campaign aimed, primarily, at The Sun (@TheSunNewspaper). A fairly broad question seemed to sum up Lucy Ann Holmes’ efforts: Why, at this stage in the 21st Century, are images of semi-naked women still prevalent in what is meant to be a medium of news – a national newspaper?


This seems to be a reasonable question to ask, and the paper eventually caved in to public pressure and dropped the daily exhibition of semi-naked (topless) women. However, there are ways of getting around this, as we’ll see when we consider Tactic #2 – sleaziness.

Sleaziness in this case comes in the form of photographing a clothed Rita Ora (@RitaOra), whilst making a point of alerting the reader/viewer to the fact that you can just about see her nipples underneath her clothing. This is not a semi-naked (topless) picture of Rita Ora, but the obsession with what’s underneath her clothes speaks to the same thing.


At best, a banal piece of ‘journalism’ – at worst, sleazy and just plain unnecessary.


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