Louis Theroux (@louistheroux) and his Transgender Kids


Did anyone else pick up on the kind of indoctrination, propaganda, call it what you will, that came to the fore when Louis talked to Camille in her room? W/r/t the nature versus nurture, essentialist versus non-essentialist arguments that rage back and forth, it was interesting to note Camille acting out her own version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – this is the indoctrination, propaganda, call it what you will, aforementioned. Camille wants to be a girl. Camille sees Lady Gaga – a girl in Camille’s eyes. Camille clearly likes what she sees. Camille mimics Lady Gaga. Gender perpetuates itself through this mimicking. Arguments that “girls like pink, want to dress up and look pretty because it’s ‘hard-wired'” cannot hold up when we, from a very young age, usually pre-speech, are fed images that uphold gender stereotypes (via TV, internet, basically any form of screen relaying images).

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