Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) versus the GOP #2 (Logogate?)

Well, we’re off and running now that Hillary’s declaration is official. What will social media sites be awash with, in terms of Hillary Clinton’s policies, whether economic or social? Will Hillary’s performances as both First Lady and Secretary of State be called in to question, analysed, and unpicked carefully in order to figure out whether she is in fact the person best suited to next take office at the White House?


Seemingly not, for social media sites are awash with speculation about the logo Hillary is using in her campaign as she aims to win the democratic nomination (see the logo thingy above – clicking on the logo will take you to a webpage where a design company’s Design Principal, Matt van Leeuwen (@matthijs), has unpacked the logo for us). Now, below is a link pasted so that you can see just some of the comments that are pinging around the web, and you are free to make of them what you will, but doesn’t it make you think that in politics, as with much in life, we have become so adept at ‘missing the point’ that you can’t help but feel that we kind of deserve whatever crappy government we end up with because we’re so fixated on the banal, the conspiratorial, and the tiniest most irrelevant details to even be bothered to engage with the bigger questions facing humanity at this present time?

Although, the one by Kristi Colleen (@KristColleen) at the end of this ‘journalistic’ piece serves to provide both a touch of sanity and plain old common sense, thankfully.

Some of the Tweets are to be found here on this, The Guardian, link:


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