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Another great (free) event next week for anyone at the other end of the East Lancs and/or M62 from the SSS2015 events held in Manchester (basically, Liverpool). This is a must for any fan of Jane Austen’s works. Currently reading Longbourn, the story of those working below the surface at the Bennet’s residence, and it’s a wonderful, original extension of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (click on this link, if you wish, for info on The Jane Austen Festival – will that be anything like Austenland, I wonder?).

English Postgraduates

Jo Baker will be giving a book reading following the annual English Postgraduate Conference at University of Liverpool, Wednesday 20th May at 4pm. The event is free and open to the public – all are welcome. Blackwell’s will be in attendance with a selection of Jo’s books available to purchase on the day.


Please see the Jo Baker Poster PDF for further details (click on the link): Jo Baker Poster

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