Some Fun @JoBakerWriter Based Facts

Facts can be fun…

English Postgraduates

Doing another round of Academic Soundbites seemed a bit too obvious and to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered. So, what to do, I thought, to make the blog a bit lighter and a tad more fun. How about a Jo Baker ‘fun facts’ section, came the reply. Why not, came another reply. So, here it is.


(clicking the pic takes you to the place where the ‘fact’ exists on the world wide web, for verification purposes, and perhaps also useful if you’re thinking of mounting a libel case against yours truly, where your claim might be something along the lines of: ‘ill thought out blog posting w/r/t the abstract notion of facts’)

Disclaimer: the facts you are about to read here and in future posts can be considered facts only in the sense that they exist as a group of words in the realms of the world wide…

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