Apple Beachball (Spinning Wait Cursor) Cure

Credit where credit is due. After having suffered through six months of the dreaded spinning wait cursor (multi-coloured beachball thingy), an Apple Genius took full control of the situation at a recent Genius Bar appointment. With a great deal of experience of UK customer service (or lack thereof), a battle to get the thing fixed, without costing me an arm and a leg, was expected. The Genius ran some tests to find out that the hard drive wasn’t working, and much to my surprise and delight, then told me that he’d fix it there and then at no cost to me.


Within half an hour my MacBook Pro was working like a brand new machine. I’ve had relatively few problems with Apple products, the MacBook problem being by far the worst, and as such have never really had to deal with their customer service departments. Both over the phone and in person, with respect to this particular issue, I can say that it is the most satisfying example of customer care that I have ever experienced as a consumer, and so after moaning about them a few times online I thought it only right to redress the balance.

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