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The Way of the World: A Novella


Funnily enough, the beach and park are always his favourites – lots of space and lots of secluded spots away from prying eyes. There are the many and varied dunes that lead away from the beach back to the car parks. You can go hours without seeing a soul – perfect for stripping a soul too weak and frightened to refuse the requests, demands, threats of “take it off!” Then there’s the park that goes on forever, it seems, and its numerous spaces occasioned by careful planting of trees and bushes that date back to Victorian times – almost as if they wanted things like this to go on; almost as if the leaves stand in for those now long dead and buried, as they look down in quiet complicity at the abuse taking place. And best of all – it’s free. No car parking fees and no admission charges. The price she pays for these excursions being much higher than any you can quantify with money. Yes, this particular daughter regularly has to experience things that will alter her life forever – all because of a general apathy towards her welfare, which stems from the most selfish of reasons. Kids can be a pain though.

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