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Cinderella #cinderella

After trying (unsuccessfully) to read an article in The New York Times titled something like, ‘How Women are Taking Over the Movies,’ I’m reminded of the distinctions that occur on a daily basis w/r/t gender issues. Forgive the haziness of the title because I was trying to read the article over the shoulder of a fellow passenger on the flight from Austin, TX, to Atlanta, GA, and rather impolitely the guy wouldn’t hold the paper still long enough for me to get a good look at it.


Anyway, the picture used by The NY Times to accompany the article, and to signify this new domination by women in Hollywood was the one for Disney’s 2015 remake of Cinderella. The movie has taken big bucks in its opening weekend, apparently, and I’m sitting thinking: at what point will the general public recognise the way that from a very young age boys and girls are driven into ‘liking’ certain ‘gender appropriate’ things? There’s not much choice here.

I mean, Cinderella, and the merchandise spin-offs are fuelling the line that all little girls want to be princesses – in much the same way as they’ve been doing for a good number of decades. And in the last couple of days I’ve been witness to this tired old system of classifying kids and adults: Dick’s Sporting Goods sells certain gear to and for women, and sells certain stuff to and for men (and never the twain shall meet); The Book People sell books in sections that are either ‘clearly for girls’ or ‘clearly for boys’ – there’s no ambiguity about it.

It just strikes me as dull, that’s all.

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