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#writing @EllevateNtwk #austin – another collection of personal musings whilst conducting research of the #davidfosterwallace archive at the Harry Ransom Center, UT, Austin, TX (Day Ten)

Today’s post is slightly different. I’m taking a break from research of the David Foster Wallace archive to co-host a ‘Book Writing Workshop’ with my sister, Liz. The workshop is aimed at people who want to write non-fiction books, whether it be personal or business related.


My sister is excellent at this sort of thing and is hugely experienced, and I’m hoping that all who attended felt that they got what they came for, or even got something they hadn’t quite expected. Aside from the day’s perceived success, the thing that stood out for me was the connectedness of the attendees, who all happened to be women. Part of this connectedness seems to stem from their affiliation with the Ellevate Network, Austin (@EllevateNtwk #austin). From what I saw, and heard, I’d urge all professional women to check out this network as the skills and knowledge these women possessed was astounding; in fact, more than astounding, because they actually want to share their experiences for the betterment of others.

So, a huge thank you (and hats off) to the attendees: Darlene, Margie, Sherry, Anita, Leslie, Amy, and Ramona.

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