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Casual Sexism?

When things crop up, which they do from time to time, an effort will be made to post about said things when they concern everyday examples of sexism (another term may suit better, but…).

I believe there to be something similar w/r/t racism (casual racism, or everyday racism, I think?), and there may well be other examples to do with sexism as a theme, but whether there is or whether there is not this should not detract from the series of posts that will appear here.

Today’s example is an anecdote told to me over a cup of Chai latte whilst sitting listening to the birds in the garden. The person telling the anecdote was not exactly offended by the comments, but she seemed quite puzzled at the attitude shown. Anyway, it went something like this:

A colleague, within hearing distance in another part of the office, was bemoaning the fact that her partner, and intended, had not completed a DIY task, and did not appear likely to do so any time soon, to which a male colleague, out of ear shot of the original complainant, suggested that he’d probably have completed said DIY task if he’d been ‘given’ sex in return, to which the person telling me the anecdote inquired as to why that should be the case, only to be told that that’s pretty much what men require of a wife/partner/woman type thing.


I wonder whether this marks a new phase in expressing thoughts that really should have died out in the 1970s, but do not appear to have. The only way of describing this new phase, if that is what it is, is that of casual disregard, as if it’s just too tiresome to even cover the fact of the sexism in the first instance, and that it’s just better off out there for all to see and/or hear. Perhaps the irony of having to cloak offensive remarks has taken its toll, and now we’re to be greeted with a somewhat awkward form of ‘honesty’ instead.

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