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Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton post #2

Hillary Clinton versus the GOP – some pre-pre-nomination (pre-pre because she hasn’t yet officially said that she will run for the Democrat nomination) thoughts on what this might look like. And although this is a tad premature, there are some interesting noises across the Internet that suggest that she will run (if that stands as any kind of metaphor-type-thing).

 19th International AIDS Conference Convenes In Washington

There are the supporters: Ready for Hillary #READY

And there are the detractors: Karl Rove #JUSTPLAINNASTY (changed from #NASTY because of the dodgy things that hash tag throws up (but beware, because this one might be just as dodgy – but we have to have a hash tag here, so…))

A fascinating question to consider is that at this stage, is there anything that the GOP can do (apart from accusing Hillary of being brain-damaged) to halt a nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton (if such a thing occurs)? From this side of the Atlantic, any GOP contenders seem lightweight and/or ineffective – this stands in contrast with the upcoming election in the UK where ALL the candidates are lightweight AND ineffective, sadly.

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