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Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton

Hillary Clinton: The Power of Women. Aired by the BBC on March 25th 2015 with the following question: Twenty years on from Hillary Clinton’s ground-breaking speech, has anything really changed? Now, I don’t remember the speech, and watching the programme was the first time of hearing it. Apparently, it was censored in China, where the conference she spoke at was held, at the time it went out.

19th International AIDS Conference Convenes In Washington

One of Clinton’s tag lines that really stands out from the speech is, ‘Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights.’ There are also lots of stats thrown around to indicate this or that, but the one that made the biggest impression was a statistic about the annual turnover of the sex traffic industry being greater than that of McDonalds, Apple, and Google combined.

If that is true, it is worth taking a moment to consider the above question.

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